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The Revolutionary Osborne 1


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  The Revolutionary Osborne 1 by Bill Degnan - 03/17/2008 07:58
Osborne published a magazine dedicated to owners of it's new Osborne 1 portable computer. The premier issue of June/July 1982 contained on its cover 9 well-armed Afghani soldiers and one "IT guy", apparently manning their new Osborne portable. What better computer for the mobile freedom fighter than the Osborne 1 - rugged, dependable, and sturdy. Just like the Mujadeen solders that used it.

The Revolutionary Osborne 1

"..Journalist David Kline recently covered the Afghanistan conflict for The Chicago Sun-Times using his Osborne 1. The July issue of Kilobaud Microcomputing contains the full story of how Kline managed to file his stories faster using his Osborne 1 and modem. Kline will be reporting on his travel experiences with the Osborne in future issues of The Portable Companion. Kline is in the lower right, the Afghan rebels are providing unparalleled write protection.."

Here is a link to some Osborne 1b pics, the slightly blue-tinted chassis model. I also have the original tan-tinted Osborne 1, but no pics at the moment.

  More photos by Bill Degnan - 07/20/2008 14:58
I have added some Osborne 1a pics too.



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