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C= Amiga 2000 Motherboards


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  C= Amiga 2000 Motherboards by Terry Raymond - 03/06/2008 18:36
For Sale:

Buyer will pay the shipping costs to me first and then the items will be shipped only:
2- Functioning Amiga 2000 Motherboards, no case, have 2 plastic bezel's. (the plastic bezels that fit onto the front of the computer case).

2- 3 1/2 Amiga floppy drives, Working condition. (DOUBLE DENSITY: mechanisms I believe).

1- Working Amiga SCSI controller card(long card), tested and in working condition.

1- None working Amiga SCSI controller card(long card), may have good chips.

1- Amiga Toaster card, Not tested, Have no way of testing, buy "as is", but known to be good.

1- Amiga Genlock, tested and in working condition.

Asking $100 OBO Please make me an offer.

Terry Raymond
P.O. Box 173
Pavillion, WY 82523
Phone: 307-856-5559

I live in Wyoming we are in the Mountain Time Zone, please call me anytime from
8am to 5pm (Mountain time only).

I am willing to negotiate prices on this hardware, but would like to get a decent price.

Thank you

-Terry Raymond



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