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1702Aprom pinouts.jpg 37,267 KB
680 main board rev1-6x.jpg 688,769 KB
680 main board rev1-6x closeup 36,137 KB
680 main board rev1-6x view3.j 695,099 KB
680b fpboard left.jpg 745,344 KB
680b fpboard right.jpg 700,054 KB
680b mboard.jpg 775,142 KB
680b mboard baud jumpers.jpg 725,094 KB
680b mboard hardware-programab 619,389 KB
680b mboard hardware-programab 553,128 KB
680b mboard hardware-programab 569,372 KB
680b mboard hardware-programab 759,898 KB
680b mboard IC-L missing.jpg 733,460 KB
680b mboard RAM-ACIA-1.jpg 737,814 KB
680b mboard RAM-jumpers.jpg 624,108 KB
680b mboard RR-ZZ.jpg 763,170 KB
Altair680b mboad under PROMs-1 561,203 KB
Altair680b mboad under PROMs-2 712,052 KB
Altair680b mboad under PROMs-3 728,792 KB
Altair680b mboad under PROMs-4 637,309 KB
Altair 680 BASIC Programming M 3,353,572 KB
altair 680 front panel.jpg 448,546 KB
altair 680 front panel 335,945 KB
altair 680 front panel right.j
altair 680 main board.jpg 773,414 KB
altair 680 rear view.jpg 364,084 KB
altair 680 serial E11952.jpg 634,319 KB
chips 6800-6850.jpg 681,177 KB 110,501 KB
MITS 680b Rev0-bottom.jpg 2,371,737 KB
MITS 680b Rev0-top.jpg 2,245,082 KB
MITS Altair680b sn11952.jpg
MITS Altair680b sn11952 expans 659,085 KB
MITS Altair680b sn11952 front-
MITS Altair680b sn11952 MB-2.j 729,379 KB
MITS Altair680b sn11952 MB-3.j 720,319 KB
MITS Altair680b sn11952 MB-4.j 759,400 KB
MITS Altair680b sn11952 PROMS. 712,410 KB
MITS Altair 680b-BSM 16K Stati 4,046,999 KB
MITS Altair 680b Assembly Lang 1,597,644 KB
MITS Altair 680b BASIC Manual. 3,392,791 KB
MITS Altair 680b board schemat 912,924 KB
MITS Altair 680b Monitor Manua 1,576,276 KB
MITS Altair 680b Operators Man 813,853 KB
MITS Altair 680b Programming M 5,873,422 KB
MITS Altair 680b Theory of Ope 1,579,602 KB
MITS Altair 680b Universal IO 3,638,980 KB
MITS Altair round-switch1.jpg 222,168 KB
MITS Altair round-switch2.jpg 517,073 KB
MITS Altair round-switch3.jpg 370,413 KB
pictures.html 3,296 KB
testing altair680.rtf 4,558 KB


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