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  by Bill Degnan - 10/07/2017 13:17
Here is the procedure I used to replace a failed disk drive when the only available replacement was a same ID-name but a different volume-name drive (ID=2 aka dbk200)

Note that I had only one bootable drive with VMS 5 installed.

The issue - SYSTARTUP_V5.COM would freeze when attempting to MOUNT a drive with matching ID but incorrect volume name.

To get around the situation I initiated a minimal boot into the main OS drive:

>>> b/1 dkb500:

I needed to bypasses SYSTARTUP_V5.COM.


This was enough to boot into DKB500 to get into VMS to edit SYSTARTUP_V5.COM without running it first. Unfortunately min boot also causes the VMS to ignore othet drives thus I could not yet change the volume of the new drive as VMS did not see it. I could though EDIT SYSTARTUP_V5.COM to comment out the line where VMS MOUNTed DKB200. With this complete I could get past the point where SYSTARTUP would freeze...Save/ rebooted.

From SYSBOOT I removed the minimal boot:

>>> B/1 DKB500:

VMS completed rhe boot. From the $ prompt I initialized (formatted) the replacement drive and changed the volume name to USER2 like the old one was called. Volume names are important in VMS SCSI and DECNET environments.

I next uncimmented the line in SYSTARTUP_V5.COM to again MOUNT DKB200. I made a few other edits related to MULTINET while I was in there.

Exit/Reboot...VMS Fixed.

Side note - One of my expansion units had a bad drive and one had a bad power supply. I swapped parts around. I now have a larger DKB200, and I also have a new DKB300 that I can use as a backup boot drive, should DKB500 fail.



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